Around our beautiful home…

Cordes Sur Ciel Located about 6km away from the house. Cordes is a typical bastide type village, It has lots a shops and old buildings and churches to visit. It was voted the most beautiful village in France a few years back and holds all sorts of events for visitors during the high summer months. More information can be found at 
Laguepie , 6 km away, is built on the confluence of two rivers, the Averyon and the Viaur.
There are lots of walks, you can swim in the river or take a picnic and watch the world go by.
Laguepie is the nearest train station to Labastoulie. 
Gaillac, located 25km to the south, is the municipale base for the wine region named after it, this stretches as far as Cordes to the North and Albi to the east.  Gaillac is one of the oldest wine regions in France, dating back to Roman times. Here there is a weekly market  and many vineyards to visit. 
Najac  Is located some 20km to the North. Here there is a wonderful castle perched precariously at the top of the hill. Lots of walks, restaurants and white water rafting are available.
Monesties is a bastide village located down by the river Cerou. It boasts a couple of nice restaurants and a large pétanque court. It is lovely to wander around the village and along the river .
St Antonin Sur Noble Val has been used as the setting for a number of films including Charlotte Grey and a 100 foot journey. It has a fabulous market each Sunday and from here you can hire canoes to paddle down the river Averyon. 

Albi Is the municipal  centre for the Tarn . It boasts a University and the  brick built cathedral that is a UNESCO world heritage site. The very large catfish in the river also made an appearance on the BBC blue planet a few years back.